Standard pushLED handpiece with generator
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Standard pushLED handpiece with generator

Item:   Standard pushLED handpiece with generator
Article No.:  DC22001
Dimensions:  16*7*2.8 mm
Package:  plastic box
Weight:  200g/pc

LED handpiece with generator

1.Univerrsal to global dental chair,Self-illumination without connecting circuit;

2.Perfect stable and reliable performance;

3.Professional LED light source,superior brightness;

4.Unique electric generator,just a little air can generate sufficient power;

5.Adopt the high-tech equipment is from German;


1. High speed handpiece:3 way spray

2. Chuck type:push button

3. Bulb:LED light

4. Noise not exceed 70dB.

5. Air pressure at the back end of HP:0.25-0.27MPA(4/2hole)

6. Bur spplicable:Φ1.59-Φ1.6mmx21-23mm

7.Rotation speed:≥30000rpm

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