98mm Blue Wax Disc
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98mm Blue Wax Disc

Item:   98mm Blue Wax Disc
Article No.:  W06001
Dimensions:  98mm
Package:  1pc/box
Description:  The wax block is compatible with dental lab for making all male molds of oral tissue.Special for dental CAD/CAM system carving wax, wax mold teeth crown and bridge.

Different Size Available] 


product features

(1). Excellent processability, no adhesion to milling tools, and convenient for manual milling, the thinnest teeth crown could reach 0.3mm.

(2). Processed through special technique, totally eliminate the inner stress, the deformation during machining is decreased substantially .

(3). High melting point, neither being melted due to high temperature during milling , nor making inconvenience to machining due to high melting point.

(4). Excellent anti-static property, easy for processing and cleaning.

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